Athlete Training

Speed & Agility - Group Training

We all know high school, college, and professional sports are highly competitive.

The key to speed in Athletes can be found in how they can “explode” during their activity.  “Form” and “mechanics” also play an important part. The most critical time to teach these proper mechanics  is early on in the developmental process. And we do just that!

Speed & Agility pricing (30 minute sessions):


1x/week = $60/month

2x/week = $90/month


3x/week = $120/month

Athlete Training

Our “AthleteTraining” model focuses on simple movements that allow young athletes to enhance their athletic capabilities.
It embraces the following core components:

Vertimax Training

Our training program incorporates the “World’s Leading Vertical Jump and Speed System.”  It is the only system that simultaneously loads upper and lower body.  This training is specific and can be applied to ALL sports.

Neurological Development

Our goal for younger athletes is not for them to develop strength through muscular hypertrophy (becoming “muscle-bound!”), but rather for them to gain the ability to activate their muscles subconsciously with efficiency...

Total Body Coordination

Total body coordination (i.e., core development) allows athletes to transfer power from the ground up in a coordinative manner thus leading to more explosive and efficient movement…

Injury Prevention

Injury prevention is a core part of our program and that is why we target flexibility, mobility, symmetry and strength.

Athlete Training pricing (1 hour sessions):

1x/week = $110/month


2x/week = $175/month


3x/week = $210/month


4x/week = $235/month

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