Athlete's Training Plans

8 Sessions = $80/mo


Speed & Agility

With professional sports becoming more and more competitive. This means that speed & agility training is something athletes need to work on alongside strength and endurance training. 1

12 Sessions = $110


 Punch Card

10 Session = $150

Other packages available upon request

Monthly Packages - Group

Must be used within the month - no carry over

AthleteTraining focuses on simple movements allowing young athlete to enhance their athletic capabilities

Vertimax Training

World's Leading Vertical Jump and Speed System.  The only system that simultaneously loads upper and lower body.  Specific training for ALL sports.

Sprinting Mechanics

The key to speed in an Athlete is how active they are in an explosive manner, as well as running form / mechanics; there isn’t a more critical time to teach proper mechanics then early on in the developmental process…


Neurological Development

Strength at a young age is not muscular hypertrophy but rather ability for young athletes to activate their muscles subconsciously with efficiency…


Total Body Coordination

Total body coordination (i.e. core) allows athletes to transfer power from the ground up in a coordinative manner thus leading to more explosive and efficient movement…

Injury Prevention

Injury prevention focuses on flexibility, mobility, symmetry and strength.

4 Sessions/Mo = $92

1x/week = $23/session

8 Sessions/Mo = $162

2x/week = $20.25/session

12 Sessions/Mo = $195

3x/week = $16.25/session

16 Sessions/Mo = $225

4x/week = $14.10/session

30 Sessions = $525


20 Sessions = $365



40 Sessions = $620


10 Session = $205


5 Sessions = $125


3 Sessions = $72


Session Packages - Group

Must be used within 6 months of signing up

15 Sessions = $280


1 Session = $26

Other packages available upon request

8 Session = $400


one on one.jpg

1 Session = $60

Athlete One-on-One

Must be used within six months of signing up

4 Sessions = $220


Call to Schedule

12 Sessions/Mo = $540


16 Sessions/Mo = $640


Packages will begin the following month if purchased after the 1st of the month

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