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Who I am

I am a Registered Dietitian, nutrition coach, and personal trainer with almost ten years of experience. Nutrition and fitness are my passion and my lifestyle. As a wife, mother, and a business owner, I know what it’s like to be busy. But I also practice what I preach, and I’ve learned how to make health and fitness a priority, even when life gets crazy.

AIM Nutrition Coaching Programs

Each program is personalized to your goals, your body, and your lifestyle. Each one-on-one coaching session will provide accountability, targeted goal-setting, and personalized progress evaluation. Together, we will work on improving your energy, mindset, and behaviors so you can feel empowered and excited about your journey.

VIP Program


Highest accountability package

Weekly coaching

Premium Program


Bi-weekly coaching

Maintenance Program


Monthly coaching

3-month commitment required for VIP and Premium Programs

Free month when you sign up for a 6-month program

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Nutrition Coaching