Trainer Direct

We Bring the Trainer to You

Want to get in better shape and finally reach your goals? Can’t find time to get to the gym? Don’t want to go to the gym even if you had the time? No problem, we get it. 

We bring our certified personal trainer, equipment and workout plan to you — at your home, office, in the park, and even businesses.

All the benefits of the gym without having to drive anywhere.

Outside workout - Motivera

Our personal trainers will come to you

Our in-home, onsite, at the park (we’ll meet you pretty much anywhere) training sessions lead to more frequent and consistent workouts for you. You’re less likely to miss a workout and more likely to reach your fitness goals. 


Avoid the pain and hassle of commuting to the gym. Let us deal with the traffic.

Experience a new way to workout

From strength training and HIIT to cardio and bootcamp, our trainers will create a fitness program tailored to you. Want to workout with a group? We do that too. 


Our Direct Trainer programs are created for individual sessions, group workouts and corporate wellness programs.

woman working out - motivera

Pricing and Details

All Direct Trainer sessions cost $125/hour per person. 

In-Home Workouts

Looking for a workout designed by a certified trainer but don’t want to leave your house? Our in-home workouts can be tailored for one-on-one sessions or up to groups of three.

Open-Space Workouts

Exercising outdoors can feel less strenuous than similar workouts indoors – which can lead to maximum performance. Want to workout in the park? Let’s go! Our open-space workouts can be one-on-one or up to groups of 10.

Corporate/Business Workouts

Improve your employee wellness programs by scheduling routine workouts with our trainers. We’ll bring all of the equipment needed for a great workout and improve the wellbeing of your employees. Corporate/business workouts can be one-on-one or up to groups of 10.