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Nebraska Elite Volleyball

Motivera is excited to partner with Nebraska Elite Volleyball teams to provide training for their athletes.

Nebraska Elite Volleyball logo

Volleyball Athletic Training 

We design our volleyball training around strength, stability, technique to develop a higher vertical jump, and increasing overall speed. Training includes a combination of balance, core, resistance, power, and plyometrics.

Special attention is given towards competition schedules and helping athletes peak at exactly the right time.

Training is split into three different levels:

8-12U players, 13-14U players, and 15U-18U players

Season passes now available

Regional Season Pass (ages 10-14): December 1 - April 31

National Season Pass (ages 11 -14): December 1 - May 31

Regional Season Pass


National Season Pass



Want to partner with us?

Think you and Motivera might be good partners? Want to advertise inside the Motivera facility? Don't hesitate to reach out and let's explore the possibilities of a partnership together!

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